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BOC Limited


BOC Healthcare is the South Pacific's leading supplier of medical gases, medical gas equipment and related services for healthcare professionals.

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10 Julius Ave

North Ryde



Postcode : 2113

Phone : 1300 363 109
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Our aim at BOC Healthcare is always to help our customers to achieve and maintain the highest standards in healthcare.

ACN : 000 029 729
ABN : 95 000 029 729
Post Box Number : 288
Post Box Zip Code : 2057
Post Box Locality : Chatswood
Post Box Region : NSW

Working closely with customers for over 100 years, we have always risen to challenges in our pursuit of excellence. Our insight into the issues that shape the reality of our customers drives us to deliver breakthrough products and outstanding services.

Innovating for customers

Our customers are the reason we exist and are central to our current and future success. BOC Healthcare aims to innovate in every area of our business in order to retain existing customers, attract new customers and enter new markets.

A passion to excel

We have the commitment and drive to pursue ever-higher standards through continuous improvement and commitment. BOC Healthcare strives for excellence, with the aim of improving every aspect of our organisation, processes and operations.

Empowering people

Our people are given the space to contribute and grow. BOC Healthcare believes in empowering our staff because capable and responsible people create success, both for our customers and our company.

Thriving through diversity

Diversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions. BOC Healthcare strongly believes that the diversity of our employees, their capabilities, our global footprint and our range of activities help us to understand the issues and pressures within healthcare, and to meet our customers evolving needs.

Supporting healthcare professionals

We are present in over 50 countries around the world, working to ensure our solutions are always delivered and serviced to the highest possible standards of safety, quality and efficiency.

BOC Healthcare's aim is to support healthcare professionals in raising and maintaining standards of patients care through:

- Our focus on quality control throughout the chain of supply for our medical gases that ensures patient safety, whether in the hospital or at home.

- Our well-established infrastructure and experience in the provision of home treatment, to maximise outcomes for patients with severe, chronic respiratory diseases.

Patient-focused care

An ageing population and a rising prevalence of chronic disease mean that healthcare services are under increasing pressure. Our aim is to help customers to provide patient-focused services that are both clinically and cost effective. In emergency care, our medical gases provide immediate life support and enable other life-saving procedures. In clinical care, our medical gases are used throughout the hospital, supporting patients in their journey from diagnosis to treatment.

Globally, within the community, we provide specialist care programs, including care centres, oxygen assessment and pulmonary rehabilitation centres.

These help in the integrated care pathway for patients with obstructive sleep apnoea, and those patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Supporting innovation in healthcare

BOC Healthcare is reliable, flexible, and responsive to its customer's needs. A pioneer in technology and innovation, BOC Healthcare works tirelessly to design and engineer products that enhance patient care and meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals. We have been instrumental in developing and introducing many important innovations to support our customers including:

- The lightweight integral valve cylinder INHALO®

- ENTONOX® (nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture) for pain relief in painful procedures and for mothers during childbirth

- The new compact range of BPR medical equipment which provide a safer and more convenient way of using high pressure gas cylinders.

We are taking a more active role than ever in patient care, and developing superior products for the best clinical outcomes. Our investment in Research & Development continues, as does our search for new service innovations that add real value for our customers.

Today BOC Healthcare is active in more than 50 countries and greatly benefits from the cross-fertilisation of ideas that comes from an international, multicultural organisation.

National Contacts:

Telephone: 1300 363 109 Fax: 1300 363 438

Telephone: 1800 050 999 Fax: 1800 624 149

Telephone: 1300 732 695 Fax: 1300 303 253


Tel: 0800 656 334 Fax: 0800 275 275

Tel: 0800 699 2273 Fax: 0800 275 275

Key Personnel

Managing Director:  John Evans
Head of Sales & Marketing:  Bruce Currie
Head of Finance & Control:  Roger Smith
Head of Regionla Operations:  Ashley Mills
Head of Information Services:  Jason O'Brien


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