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Diversey Australia Pty Ltd


Sustainable Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions for Infection Control, Building Care, Kitchens, Fabric Washing, Hand Care, Cleaning Tools, Floor Care and Floor Care Machines.

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29 Chifley St




Postcode : 2164

Phone : +61 2 9757 0300
Fax : +61 2 9725 5767
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About Sealed Air

The well-being of people everywhere depends on a sustainable world. Sealed Air’s Diversey Care Division offers solutions for infection prevention, kitchen hygiene, fabric care, building care and consulting. Our solutions protect brands, deliver efficiency, improve performance for our partners in health care, food service, retail, hospitality and facility services.

Our leading expertise integrates product systems, equipment, tools and services into innovative solutions that reduce water and energy usage and increase productivity. By delivering superior results, we help create profitable sustainable enterprises for a cleaner, healthier future.

No of Employees : 130
ACN : 000 065 725
Year of Establishment : 1947
Post Box Number : Locked Bag 61
Post Box Zip Code : 2164
Post Box Locality : Wetherill Park
Post Box Region : NSW

Activities of Company

Diversey is a leading  brand of sustainable cleaning and hygiene solutions. Our infection prevention program consists of Oxivir®Tb, a powerful one step Hospital Grade Disinfectant, VeriCiean™ an evidence-based validation program and TASKI® Jonmaster  microfibre cleaning system. Three innovative  and sustainable  solutions  to help Healthcare facilities  reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAl), improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiency.

Our cleaning and disinfection program covers all areas of a facility,  including clinical areas, restrooms,  public spaces, kitchen  and laundry.

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SUMA Kitchen Hygiene, including machine dishwashing detergents and rinse aids, surface cleaners and sanitisers

CLAX Fabric Care, including detergents and dispensing equipments

SOFT CARE Personal Care including hand wash, creams and dispensers

DIVERSEY Environmental cleaning solutions, including disinfectants, hard surface cleaners, floor sealers/polishes and strippers

OXIVIR®Tb, A one step Hospital Grade Disinfectant based on Accelerated Hydrogen peroxide technology. Effective against 27 pathogens including MRSA and VRE

TASKI® Floor care machines, including vacuums, single disk machines and scrubber driers 

TASKI®Jonmaster™ Microfibre cleaning solutions and mobile workstations


Diversey Care Australia provides the following product services

  • Air fresheners
  • Bleaches – hospital grade disinfectants, laundry
  • Carpet cleaners – shampoo, extraction, spotter, gum remover
  • Carpet cleaning machines
  • Cream cleaners
  • Detergents - manual and machine dishwashing, laundry
  • Disinfectants / sanitisers– chlorinated, quats, Accelerated hydrogen peroxide technology (AHP)
  • Fabric washing – powder, liquid, fabric softeners, bleaches
  • Floor Care – cleaners, maintainers, strippers, sealer/finish
  • Floor machines -  scrubbers, single disc machines, accessories, spare parts
  • Glass cleaners / Multi-surface cleaners
  • Hand Care – foam, liquid, bar soaps, hand sanitisers, dispensers
  • Industrial strength degreasers
  • Infection Control Solutions - disinfectants, microfibre, validation program
  • Insecticides
  • Kitchen Care – dishwashing detergents, oven/ grill cleaners, rinse aids, sanitisers
  • Microfibre cleaning systems – mobile workstations, mops, cloths & cleaning tools
  • Specialty Cleaners – descaler, stainless steel polish, drain cleaner
  • Surface cleaners –  disinfectants, sanitisers, all-purpose cleaners, furniture polish
  • Surface validation tools
  • Vacuum cleaners - tubs, upright, vacuum bags
  • Washroom & toilet cleaners
  • Wipes – surface and hand

Key Personnel

Vice President:  Brendan Thomas

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