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Douglas Bean (Australia) Pty Ltd


Thirty years experience in the design and manufacture of health care products enable this family company to develop skills in design and the application of correct modern synthetic materials for hospitals.

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84 Lewis Rd

Wantirna South



Postcode : 3152

Phone : 61 3 9801 4400
Fax : 61 3 9887 0149
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We make synthetic products for hospitals - including Autotherm food service containers, Autoplas medicine measures, bed pans, urinals, sharps containers, surgical dishes, water carafes, identity bands and kidney dishes.

No of Employees : 10
ACN : 005 443 863
ABN : 22 005 443 863
Year of Establishment : 1932


In over 40 years of operation the company has built up a fine product reputation.

We have, over the last three years, completely revised our Autotherm food service system. Great attention has been paid by us to geriatric food service and to further updating the quality of food temperature and presentation.

We are now manufacturing different types of feeding aids such as cups, both insulated and plain, so that older people may be more self supporting and independent and require a little less intensive nursing. We have used insulation where appropriate and have modified the thermal system in our insulated covers to give surprising results. The provision of extra heat in our insulated cover sets is a major breakthrough in terms of geriatric feeding, especially when combined with our brand new invalid feeding plate.

In updating the Douglas Bean range we have added a number of square products and round insulated bowls. We have also provided each of the products in the range with new, more effective closures. There is a strong accent on reusability and long service across the entire range.

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