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Padgham & Partners Proprietory Limited

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80 Greville St




Postcode : 3181

Phone : 612 9954 5741
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No of Employees : 18
ACN : 005 474 117
ABN : 90 005 474 117
Year of Establishment : 1964
Post Box Number : P O Box 2046
Post Box Zip Code : 3181
Post Box Locality : Prahran
Post Box Region : VIC

Activities of Company:
Padghams was founded in 1964 and with over forty years service and experience, it is no surprise that the company has become one of Australia's leading cost management consultancy firms.Padghams has an outstanding record in the financial planning of healthcare facilities and deliver unmatched client service. A commitment to research and innovation is also central to their philosophy.Today, it is a unique company offering clients a choice of specialist services for efficient cost management in the healthcare industry.

Padghams has:* A comprehensive team of experienced Cost Managers* A demonstrated ability to meet the unique challenges of healthcare projects* A combination of experience and major healthcare facilities and smaller specialist developments* A powerful cost control and reporting system which has been proven in the management of healthcare projects* An unrivalled database allowing unique studies for healthcare applications* An outstanding record in recent healthcare projects in Australia and the Asia Pacific region

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