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Hospital Storage and Mattress Trolley by Polymedic

by Polymedic Pty Ltd on 13/12/2023 3:55 AM

Hospital Storage and Mattress Trolley by Polymedic

Developed in conjunction with a major Brisbane hospital and to service the needs of our key customers, Polymedic has developed a range of easy-to-use storage trolleys that provide practical, safe, efficient and mobile storage of many key patient care equipment items, including IV Poles, Patient Lift Bars, Mattresses, Bed Heads, Slings, Crutches and CRU Equipment. 

Our versatile range of storage trolleys not only provide diverse and fundamental storage solutions for patient care equipment, but also provide easy and convenient storage of these items within your Hospital or Aged Care storage facilities. 

Our storage trolleys also help to prolong the life of patient care equipment, ensuring that these items are kept in the best possible condition for patient delivery and safety. 

As with all our trolleys, Polymedic can customise and modify any trolley to ensure that it meets your exact requirements. We invite you to give our friendly sales team a call to discuss how our storage solutions can assist with your facilities requirements. 

For more information, please call us on (07) 5539 3633, email sales@polymedic.com.au, or visit our website at www.polymedic.com.au