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Drapes & Packs For Surgical Procedures

in by Hayward Industrial Products (Aust) Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

Our complete line of surgical drapes and packs covers an extensive range of surgical procedures. As a recognized leader in the development of high-performance medical fabrics, we bring you more choice than ever in surgical drapes that provides the critical balance of properties your demanding work requires: barrier protection, flame resistance, lin...

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Smith & Nephew Global Products

in by Smith & Nephew 0 Reviews

PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system is indicated for patients who would benefit from a suction device (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) as it may promote wound healing via removal of low to moderate levels of exudate and infectious materials. PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System is suitable for use in both ...

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in by Carr Australia Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

CARRFLEX® Extreme PU Mattress Cover Fabric The premium polyurethane (PU) barrier textile available in the market. Our special PU coating gives superior chemical resistance and ageing performance whilst retaining pressure care properties. Ideal for covering mattresses and trolley pads in E.D. and high thru put wards where higher level...

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ecostoreHP in class A designed for heavy duty working conditions

in by Electrolux Professional Australia 0 Reviews

ecostoreHP in class A designed for heavy duty working conditions It is designed to drive energy efficiency and environmentally friendly business, as well as to provide an accurate and comparable classification based on energy consumption and the capability to perform efficiently within different environmental conditions. Based on th...

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US Medical centre leaving a technological revolution

in by Device Technologies 0 Reviews

If you’ve ever stayed in the hospital, you know the discomfort and quasi-humiliation of having various nurses periodically come in to check your vital signs by poking and prodding you like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. But for many patients, thanks to the un-touchy-feely world of digital technology, that may be about to change. Holy Na...

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iFuse Implant System

in by Device Technologies 0 Reviews

The iFuse Implant System was developed as a minimally invasive surgical option for patients who have failed non-surgical options. The iFuse Implant System is designed to provide stabilisation and fusion for certain SI joint disorders. This is accomplished by inserting triangular-shaped titanium implants across the sacroiliac joint to maximize post-...

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Safe care floor beds

in by UNIQUEcare 0 Reviews

Featuring an extraordinarily low height of 110mm from the floor to top of mattress platform, the Unique Care Columnless SafeCare® Floor Bed is anticipated to be one of Australia’s most popular “COLUMNLESS” ultra-low height beds. Designed, engineered and manufactured at our fabrication plant in Geelong, the bed features: ...

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NEW His & Hers Urinals .. Kids Sizes too

in by Douglas Bean (Australia) Pty Ltd 0 Reviews

NEW TO THE DOUGLAS BEAN RANGE.   Introducing the Male & Female Urinals including children sizes.  Mens Pale Blue 800mls, Ladies Pale Pink 800mls, Boys Pale Blue 400mls, Girls Pale Blue 400mls. Each of the four urinals is a metric measuring device. all are graduated and may  be boiled or sterilised as required.  ...

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BOC Medical Gases Services

in by BOC Limited 0 Reviews

Our Qi Medical Gas Services portfolio is designed to support hospitals and other care facilities in meeting best practice standards for quality, safety and security in all aspects of medical gas delivery. ...

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LINAK Australia Pty Ltd

in by Hospital + Health | Hospital Equipment and Medical Products Suppliers Directory 0 Reviews

Year of Establishment : 1993   Activities of Company: LINAK provides products that improve people's quality of life and working environments. LINAK Australia is part of an international company, founded on a simple idea - electric linear actuation. By means of creative thinking and dedicated employees LINAK has today become...

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